Mosquito Creek Muni

This Saturday, I went for a little ride down the trails along Mosquito Creek, 5 minutes away from where we live. I took along my camera, and here is the result (click on the image for the video), filmed and edited in just a couple of hours:

Cycling the Kettle Valley Railway Trail

At the beginning of July, we took a long week-end to go on our first multi-day cycling trip through the Kettle Valley Railway, 90 kilometers of sand, dust and sun. Click on "Read More" below for the full report of the trip. You can also view all our photos by clicking on the image:

BC Commuter Challenge Video Contest

As part of the 2009 Commuter Challenge BC, they organized a video contest. Here is a link to my entry:

This video was awarded the early bird prize, and was shown to about 150 people at the award ceremony for the Commuter Challenge.

Honeymoon in Maui

We just got back from a week on Maui, one of the Hawaiian islands. It was a wonderful trip, full of activities, such as:
- Boogieboarding in the ocean waves
- Watching the sunrise from the top of Haleakala crater (elevation: 10 000 feet, 3000 meters)
- Descending Haleakala crater by bike (starting at an elevation of 6500 feet), including enjoying the aroma of the lavender fields
- Touring Moloka'i Island and West Maui via helictopter
- Driving around West Maui, on the narrow Kahekili Highway
- Driving around Haleakala, on the famous "Road to Hana," a winding, narrow road (unpaved in sections after Hana)
- Sea kayaking and snorkeling on a fairly stormy and cold day - we saw a variety of tropical fish and a sea turtle swam under Yves!

Click the image to see all the pictures from our trip.

More Unicycling Videos

A summary of my March 21st week-end. A ride on Richard Juryn Trail, some practice around my place, and finishing with Frank doing the obstacles at the Inter River Bike Park.

A video from the Vancouver Circus School unicycling class.

Unicycling videos

As I progress through my unicycling skills, here are my 2 most recent videos. The first one is my ride through Stanley Park with 2 unicycling friends. I don't really appear on the video (you can see my shadow!) as I am doing the filming while riding.

In this second one, I practice my off-roading abilities through Moodyville Park, in North Vancouver.

Vancouver Christmas Parade

This December, Yves had the chance to ride his unicycle with the Vancouver Circus School for the pre-parade entertainment. They got to ride down the blocked streets of downtown Vancouver, with a group of acrobats, dancers, jugglers, unicyclists and an amazing 4-year old stunt bicyclist.

Wedding and France vacation pictures!

On June 12th 2008, Heidi and Yves finally got married. The pictures of the event, and of the following trip to France, have been added to the Photo Gallery. Enjoy!

Weekend on Pender Island

Ron, Monica, Caspar, Heidi and Yves spent a weekend on Pender Island. It was cloudy and raining for most of the weekend, however this gave us a good reason to gather around the fireplace.

Tahira's Wedding

Tahira, the sister of one of my best friends from high school (Sumia), had her wedding ceremony this summer. This was a traditional Muslim event, and I had the opportunity to wear a Lehanga.

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